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Awafey cinnamon sticks
, Ingredients and allergens, Ingredients: cinnamon sticks, Item details,  , Brand: ِAwafey, Country of origin: Turkey, Contact, Ayman Machantat, Hauptstr.. 164, 58675 Hemer,
Abido hibiscus flowers 30g
, Ingredients and allergens, Ingredients:, Hibiscus flowers, Nutritional values, average nutritional values, Unprepared per 100g, energy, 205 kJ / 49 kcal, fat, 1.0g, Fat, including saturated fat, 0.0g, carbohydrates, 11g, Carbohydrates of which sugar, 0.0g, protein, 1.0g, salt, <0.5g, Item details, Brand:Abido, Country of origin: Lebanon, Contact, Ayman Machantat, Hauptstraße 164, 58675 Hemer, Tel: 017681927255,
Safran Family saffron 5g
, Ingredients and nutritional values, Ingredients: saffron, Article details, Brand: Safran family, Country of origin:Iran, Contact, Safran & Family GmbH, Martin-Struff-Strasse 2-4, 52477 Alsdorf
Maggi Spices 250ml
Ingredients and Nutritional values, Ingredients: Vegetable protein, biologically opened (water, wheat protein, salt), water, flavors (with wheat), flavor enhancers (mononatrium glutamate, dinatriuminosinate), salt, sugar., Nutritional values, average nutritional values, Nutritional valuesper 100g, energy, 292 kJ /68 kcal, Fat, 0.1 g, Fat, of which saturated fatty acids, 0 g, carbohydrates, 6.5g, Carbohydrates of which sugar, 3.5 g, protein, 9.8 g, Salt, 18.2 mg, Article details, Brand: Maggi , Country of origin: France, Contact, Maggi GmbHLyoner Strasse 23D - 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Tel.: 069 6671-2841,

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